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Hi! Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Adam. I teach and play guitar.

Residing in the greater Western Sydney Area, I have been playing guitar for ten years now. What started as a hobby for me all the way back in high school has ended up becoming one of the most fulfilling and enjoyable things in my life.

In my time playing guitar I’ve had the pleasure of being apart of some great experiences that I’ll never forget. Some of these experiences include playing countless shows and performances all up and down the Australian East Coast including the iconic Woodford Folk Festival in Queensland in 2022 with Blues singer ‘Chloe Kay and the Crusade’.

My other accomplishments include completing a Bachelor of Music degree at Western Sydney University. Through which I was able to connect with other great local musicians in Western Sydney, with some of them becoming lifelong friends. As well I became a Pulse Artist with PRS Guitars in 2022, which is an endorsement program introduced by PRS Guitars to help promote and support guitarists within their respective local communities. I also currently play with Sydney alternative pop band ‘Flyss’, who have just recently released our debut single ‘Restless’ which is now out on all streaming platforms! Click here to check it out!

Along with those achievements I have also been teaching guitar privately for the past 4 years. Picking up any instrument or new hobby for that manner can be quite daunting and challenging at first, but some of my greatest memories playing guitar come from the learning process and celebrating the little improvements and milestones in my journey. Whether that was learning my first chord (an A Major Chord) or learning my first guitar solo (Wish you Were Here by Pink Floyd), those moments will forever live with me and my main goal as a guitar teacher is to always help people achieve similar moments and to find fun and enjoyment in their playing.

If you are interested in booking an online guitar lesson, click the link below!

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